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Partner Spotlight: ShopHer Media

Acceleration Partners’ Partner Spotlight is an ongoing series where members of our Partner Development team shine a light on innovative partners from across the world.

This month, our Publisher Development team at Acceleration Partners chatted with Brandt Held, Co-Founder & CEO and Laura Press, Director of Partnerships at ShopHer Media.


Who is ShopHer Media?

ShopHer Media has been in business for nearly 20 years! We are a full-service performance driven marketing company that connects recognized brands with highly targeted consumers along the path to purchase through our secure community of media partners and publishers.

In the early 2000’s we launched MySavings.com, which grabbed the attention of P&G, Nature Made and other large consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, and launched our very first CPA campaigns. Internet marketing was very new at this stage, and as more people saw our content and banner placements we posted for our clients, the more they wanted to join in, bringing to life ShopHer Media.


ShopHer Media has been on the forefront of some industry trends, such as being a pioneer in the influencer marketing space. Can you share how your company has navigated those endeavors?

When we launched our first influencer campaign in 2006, we saw a growing need for online content. As this continued to expand over the years, we have seen a large push in advertisers looking to reach even more new customers. We can identify which pieces of content are performing the best based on client KPIs, and then amplify that content to similar audiences to drive activations and other engagement metrics.


What sets ShopHer Media apart from other performance marketing and influencer networks in the affiliate space?

ShopHer Media has been in the space for almost 20 years and not many companies can say that. We work with hundreds of brands and thousands of successful publishers and influencers.

Over the years, we have developed proven marketing strategies that deliver guaranteed performance, ensuring not just reach, but real impressions, engagements, clicks and activations. Our clients see an average of 30% increase ROI on marketing when working with us.

We harness the power of our industry leading “Perfect Match” system and “Smart Boost” optimization technologies to identify the most relevant brand-safe influencers. We tap into influencer-derived audiences and construct Lookalike Audiences, where we run hyper-targeted social ads natively through our influencer accounts. From here, we provide detailed insights and analytics on the campaign’s performance, highlighting the most engaging content and audiences. Fully licensed to the client, this data can be used for ongoing social media re-targeting campaigns.

Lastly, we provide full transparency. We work hand in hand with our partners, both advertiser and publisher, to safeguard brand identity and deliver ROI driving partnerships.


What are some common misconceptions about ShopHer Media?

There are two common misconceptions about ShopHer Media:

  1. Brands and agencies think we are only an influencer marketing company. While we may be one of the first pioneers of influencer marketing, we are a full-service performance marketing network.
  2. The clients and offers we support are only in the CPG vertical. We strive to bring our publishers globally recognized products and services from well-known brands. This includes digital/print coupons for CPG, sampling/trial offers, membership deals, and opportunity to drive quality traffic and new customers.


What are some of ShopHer Media’s capabilities?

Our brand-safe publishers create powerful and engaging content for their Pre-Shopping Planners that endorse the brand, delivering scalable solutions for advertisers to cost-effectively acquire new customers, sales and engagements.

We specialize in digital media and can help national brands and agencies looking for:

  • Customer acquisition and CRM database growth
  • Driving purchases online and in-store
  • Website traffic generation
  • Influencer marketing


Who is ShopHer Media’s key demographic of users?

Our target audience are female shoppers in their mid-20s to mid-50s. They are the household CFO, making everyday purchases for their families.


What are some current and upcoming trends that ShopHer Media is excited about?

The past three years have shifted into social shopping categories, and we expect that trend to continue in 2021 and beyond. Our publishers now have the tools and resources to reach additional audiences via their social channels to captivate incremental targeted shoppers.


To learn more about the many other affiliate partners we work with to add value to our clients’ programs, reach out to our global publisher development team.