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Partner Spotlight: Mavely Authentically Brings Brands, Influencers and Consumers Together

This spotlight is part of Acceleration Partners’ ongoing blog series where members of our Partner Development team highlight different partners from across the region. This month, Marya Myszczynski, Senior Publisher Development Manager, caught up with Jason McCleans Sires, VP of Sales & Brand at Mavely.


Welcome to our Partner Spotlight series! Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

Thanks for having me! I’m an accomplished digital sales and marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience driving organizational sales goals and objectives. In this role, I drive growth and development for the Mavely platform. I focus on building relationships between brands and their advocates to solidify Mavely as a social commerce category leader for both influencers and brands.

Prior to joining Mavely, I was an executive at Smarter Chaos, a leading affiliate and digital marketing agency. My experience includes successfully prospecting and closing deals with leading brands and overseeing a variety of companies’ digital marketing, brand development and performance marketing strategies. I’ve worked with top brands including Shipt/Target, Manscaped, Tile, Dollar Shave Club, Pepsi and more.

Mavely is the social commerce platform for the everyday influencer—those who engage with their community in an authentic, trusted and diverse way. Our company’s suite of social selling tools helps creators earn commissions and products via a network of curated brand opportunities and top retailers.

Brands today want to authentically engage with consumers, and building relationships with influencers that consumers trust is the best way to do that. Mavely has cracked the code on how to bring brands, influencers, and consumers together, and I couldn’t be more excited to join Mavely at this inflection point and help the company continue to grow.


What is Mavely’s approach to partnering with brands interested in working through the affiliate channel in the influencer space?

Mavely’s approach is to work with all the top brands from midsize to enterprise. Mavely works organically with brands to grow their program and then put paid media behind the offers with our creators.


What sets Mavely apart from other influencer opportunities in the affiliate space?

Mavely is filling a gap for more than 25,000 everyday influencers, those who engage their community in an authentic trusted, and diverse way (regardless of following), nationwide and who connect with brands to build awareness, engagement and production.

Prior to Mavely, in order to monetize their influence, creators and influencers needed to work across many different brands with different commission structures and complex user interfaces with multiple tracking platforms. This process is especially confusing for those just getting started who don’t have teams in place to help manage their platforms. In addition, influencers were on their own to navigate constantly changing social algorithms and policies. Instagram, for example, recently pulled back on Instagram Shopping, leaving some creators to fend for themselves.

Mavely aggregates multiple social platforms, brands, and payments into one simple, easy-to-use experience. In 2022, Mavely made major strides to expand its platform, introducing new products and services to help creators and influencers build strong, sustainable businesses, while connecting them to some of today’s top brands.


What is your key demographic and in what categories/verticals do you see the most success?

We see the most success in the fashion and beauty verticals. Our key demographic is men and women with a reach of 75,000 – 150,000 followers that post frequently on their platforms.


What are some trends you were surprised by in 2022?

Just as e-commerce once disrupted brick-and-mortar, social media and social selling are now disrupting traditional e-commerce and the pandemic has only accelerated this transition. The future of retail lies in the emerging area of “social commerce,” or influencer marketing and selling via social media channels.

With the 2022 market size for social commerce set to hit more than $700 billion and the market projected to hit $6.2 trillion by 2030, it’s an industry that isn’t slowing down even with inflation and a recession looming as more and more brands look to influencer and affiliate marketing for success.


Are there any exciting developments in the pipeline for Q4 and 2023?

Mavely, in the final quarter of 2022 and into 2023, is working on more partnerships with OPMs to educate marketers on how influencer and affiliate programs can work in tandem.


What are the top 3 things you would want any new brands looking to partner with Mavely to know?

When any new brand is looking to partner with Mavely, these are the top 3 things we want them to know:

  1. Mavely is 100% transparent with all of our partners and brands.
  2. Mavely will help brands by spending money to boost campaigns.
  3. And Mavely works with everyday influencers that are genuine and have an authentic relationships with their followers.


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