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Introducing Sertify: Empowering Diversity and Driving Growth in Affiliate Marketing

Acceleration Partners is thrilled to introduce Sertify, a company driven by a core mission to support small, diverse-owned businesses. With a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Sertify’s Advertiser Diversity Program assists brands in growing their revenue and enhancing their DEI efforts.

 Read on to learn how this program can benefit your brand and drive positive change within the affiliate marketing industry.


Who is Sertify and what is the core mission that drives this company?

We are a team that’s led small business teams at Fortune 500 companies, formed a bunch of technology startups, and created products that empower youth.

Fundamentally, we have a mutual passion for diversity and small businesses, and realized that others feel the same — over 70% of people want to buy from companies based on shared values and beliefs!

So, we created Sertify to help companies identify and support their small, diverse-owned partners (Woman, LGBTQ+, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Veteran, Disability).


Tell us about Sertify’s Advertiser Diversity Program. How is this program helping brands grow their revenue and enhance their DEI?

We are excited to be partnering with Acceleration Partners (AP) so their brands can identify their existing small, diverse-owned affiliates in order to:

  • Create exclusive offers – e.g., during diversity events such as Women’s History Month
  • Promote relevant products to diverse groups
  • Augment their CRM & measure diversity performance


Working with diverse-owned affiliates results in number of outcomes for brands:

  • Increases revenue – e.g., acquire, engage, and reactivate affiliates
  • Drives social impact – e.g., build brand perception, PR, and Net Promoter Score
  • Improves internal operations – e.g., enhance CRM data, measure DEI, and drive efficiency


How does Sertify help brands identify small and diverse-owned affiliates and support partnerships?

Affiliate partners can apply for Sertify in minutes by:

  1. Uploading a document that shows a business’s ownership.
  2. Uploading a second document that confirms their identity.
  3. Confirming that they are a small business with under 250 employees.

Affiliates are approved in days and the info is sent to a brand’s CRM system.


Let’s talk next steps. How can AP brands get involved with Sertify’s Advertiser Diversity Program?

A program can be launched within a month with NO tech work. Just reach out to your account management team to learn more and get started!


Ready to make a difference? Connect with your AP account team today to drive growth, empower diversity, and reshape the future of affiliate marketing.