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Decoding Cyber 5: AP’s Client Performance Insights

The recent Cyber 5 weekend brought a flurry of activity for Acceleration Partners’ (AP) clients, and our team has been hard at work synthesizing the portfolio’s performance in the context of global Cyber 5 trends. The report below sheds light on the intricate dynamics that shaped this year’s performance, and our team is at the ready to chat through implications for 2024 plans.

Among the facts, figures and insights enclosed, you’ll learn more about two interesting trends we observed this year:

  1. Holiday shoppers have been waiting for Cyber 5 to take advantage of deep discounts, as realized by the increase in purchases and decrease in AOV across most verticals and markets.
  2. Early and extended Cyber 5 deals have shifted more holiday shopping to Saturday and Sunday vs Cyber Monday, as noted by Y/Y growth and increased contribution for those days.

2023 Cyber 5 Performance Analysis