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CLO Partnership Drives In-Store Traffic For F.Hinds and Increases Revenue by 198%

F.Hinds, a British jewellery retailer, wanted to attract a younger generation of consumers and drive in-store traffic to meet its revenue goals. With guidance from their affiliate marketing agency partner Acceleration Partners (AP), F.Hinds partnered with Airtime Rewards, a card-linked offer rewards programme with 2.5 million members, to achieve its objectives. Airtime Rewards provided transaction value data and targeted nearby shoppers through its platform to drive in-store and online purchases. It also marketed F.Hinds’ products to its younger audience, highlighting items that appealed to their unique preferences.

Find out how F.Hinds engaged their target audience and increased in-store purchases by 90% through a CLO affiliate partner.



increase in total programme revenue YoY from Jan. 1 – Mar. 9, 2022


transactions from Airtime Rewards were in-store purchases in 2022


of online shoppers opted to also shop in-store


of all programme revenue YTD has been made up by Airtime Rewards


of ROAS goal achieved


F.Hinds tasked AP with revitalizing their affiliate programme to increase revenue for their younger target demographic. AP approached Airtime Rewards, a card-linked offer (CLO) affiliate with 2.5M+ community members and an average member age of 26, which could easily target F.Hinds’ desired audience and goal of bringing in new sales. Airtime Rewards helped F.Hinds achieve their goals in three ways:

  1. In-store targeting: Airtime Rewards provided transaction value data by store location, demographic, and segmentation to help F.Hinds reach their younger audience and meet retention and acquisition goals. Airtime Rewards could also target nearby shoppers through their rewards app to drive them to make in-store purchases.
  2. Young audience engagement: Unlike other CLO partners, Airtime Rewards targets younger consumers with high phone contract amounts or those looking for applicable ways to save money. Airtime Rewards’ approach of providing cashback that can be directly applied to bills is especially appealing to consumers between the ages of 18 and 34.
  3. Product marketing for key demographic: Airtime Rewards marketed F.Hinds’ products to their younger audience by highlighting items that would be most appealing to them, such as engagement rings and reduced gold hoop earrings perfect for a night out.

By partnering with Airtime Rewards, F.Hinds’ affiliate programme saw a boost in revenue both online and in-store, thanks to their effective targeting of younger consumers through relevant rewards and product marketing.

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