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Unique Partnership Drives High-Value Leads and Acquisitions For B2B Affiliate Marketing Programme

A global brand with a B2B-focused partnership marketing programme was looking to acquire new affiliates. Specifically, the brand wanted to attract small- and medium-sized restaurants and encourage these entities to partner in their book of business. This goal was created after the client’s internal business development team discovered that their portfolio of partnerships lacked diversity.

Acceleration Partners explored ways to help the client drive more high-value leads and acquire additional B2B partners. The client was already taking advantage of Acceleration Partners’ affiliate marketing management services and knew first-hand how effective AP is at enhancing affiliate programmes.



conversion rate for all leads generated via Valpak partnership




goals achieved




successful campaigns to date




The Acceleration Partners client services team worked with our unique in-house publisher development team to identify nontraditional partnerships that could effectively accomplish the client’s two primary objectives of acquiring high-value leads and converting these leads into affiliate partners.

They recommended an outside-the-box solution, a partnership with Valpak, citing their well-established direct mail business model, impressive record of success, and advanced targeting capabilities.

The client agreed to run an initial A/B test campaign with Valpak, which exceeded all cost per acquisition and cost per lead expectations. As a result, additional campaigns followed, and the relationship between Valpak and the client has continued to flourish.

The AP team onboarded Valpak onto the technology platform, impact.com, to accurately measure performance of the print campaign.



Test content was distributed to 50,000 client-selected restaurants, and included printed URLs powered by impact.com tracking links, along with QR codes.



The client incentivised high-value affiliate partners to join the programme with a short-term exclusive offer.



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