The Case Study

Luxury Retailer Realizes 10% Increase in Overall Revenue from Affiliate Partnership

Program Background

Prior to becoming an Acceleration Partners (AP) client, the brand did not have an affiliate program. Their objective was for AP to launch a program that would help them efficiently growth their business and elevate their brand awareness.

To help them accomplish these initial goals, the team recruited "traditional" high-value affiliate partners into their program, including content, loyalty and coupon – all of which helped the client quickly realize strong program performance.


Almost immediately after the client agreed to testing the partnership, UpSellit started driving strong conversion performance for the brand, including:

10% increase in client's overall program revenue

30% decrease in overall CPA

Within a short amount of time, UpSellit became a Top 3 partner in the client's program. In addition, their affiliate program has become the client's highest-converting channel across all their digital marketing channels.

The Challenge

Cost-effectively diversify their affiliate program with non-traditional affiliate partners.

Although the client was realizing increased business growth and brand awareness from their affiliate program, they became interested in how other types of partners could help them optimize conversions.

Our Approach

High-Value and Creative Partnerships

After learning more about the client's optimization objectives, the AP program manager reached out to AP's internal partner development team to explore new partnership opportunities with non-traditional affiliate partners. One partner that AP's partner development team suggested was UpSellit, a technology company that designs, develops and optimizes personalized conversion experiences for leading brands.

In addition to having the capability to easily align with the brand's identity and messaging, which is a priority for the client, UpSellit also:

  • Seamlessly integrates with the brand's site at targeted stages of the conversion funnel
  • Operates on a 100% performance-based (CPA) pricing model. I.e. they only charge brands for the purchases their technology actually converts.

As this was a new, out-of-the-box partner for the luxury home furnishings brand, the program management team provided an educational overview of UpSellit and projections for how their solution could help the brand optimize their conversions and cost-effectively increase revenue.

As this would be a non-traditional affiliate partnership for the client, the AP program management team proposed running a test with this new technology partner at a lower commission rate.

The AP team also ensured that:

  • All legal compliance questions were sufficiently answered.
  • The client's internal site development team's questions and concerns were addressed.
  • The partners' creative aligned with the brand's site.

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