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Successful companies in the travel industry are increasingly leveraging the affiliate marketing model to acquire new customers and target existing consumers at a low marketing cost. With the ability to partner with a variety of publisher types, especially high-value content affiliates, across multiple channels (mobile, social, etc.) and flexibly track their performance and payment, the affiliate model is proving to be the go-to marketing destination that will take the travel industry to new heights.


  • We work with you to create a personalized strategy that will ensure your program features brand-aligned affiliates, customized commissions, sufficient cookie lengths, advanced reporting, performance-focused goals and much more.
  • We look across publisher verticals - from content affiliates and influencers to coupon, loyalty and product review sites – to help you develop unique partnerships with the right publishers to achieve your goals.
  • To ensure all of your affiliate partners are brand-aligned and use consistent messaging to represent you well in the marketplace, we consistently monitor their campaigns and content.
  • We examine quantitative and qualitative data across multiple sources to provide you with robust reporting and key performance metrics to ensure you’re meeting your targets.
  • To ensure you benefit from the right technology needs for your program and receive quality service from your provider, we partner with the leading affiliate networks and SaaS (software as a service) platforms.

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