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Paychex provides payroll services, human resources, and employee benefits outsourcing to over a half million U.S. businesses more than any other company. While Paychex has experience meeting the needs of small and medium-sized businesses across the country, the company’s services are backed by the personal support of local representatives. Their assistance with onboarding and conversion, payroll processing, and tax payments, as well as the company’s high ethical standards and publicly audited financial information, have earned the continued trust of its clients and helped Paychex consistently rank as one of the top payroll providers and 401(k) plan recordkeepers in the nation.

We have two different ways to promote Paychex:

Unique Program Offerings

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Bonus Opportunities and banner creative

Program Basics



  • Hub Commission: Web: $75 for each valid lead. Pay Per Call: $75 for each valid lead
  • Cookies: 90
  • Payout Model: CPA
  • Data Feed: No
  • Technology Network: 357660

  • Approved Partner Types: Content, Sub-Affiliate /Influencer Network
  • Verticals: Consumer & Business Services,
  • Consumer Location: U.S.
  • Nexus Restrictions: No

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