What our clients are saying about us

“Acceleration Partners’ operational program expertise and established relationships with platform partners and affiliates, gives us the manpower and resources to properly manage and grow our affiliate program. They consistently help us review the latest trends, technologies and best practices and develop new strategies and tactics that boost results.”
“Our Acceleration Partners team has been amazing to work with. They continuously deliver high value to our LinkedIn business and we look forward to growing our partnership with them.”
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Le Col
“The great results we have seen have been made possible by Acceleration Partners effective account management. In 2020 it has been crucial that we respond fast and the team at AP have activated partners efficiently and prioritised our recruitment to bring in high value partners quickly.”
“The team at Acceleration Partners has shown an enormous amount of passion for our brand and mission. Our check-in meetings often turn into brainstorming sessions where we bounce off ideas for new opportunities. Our account managers have the experience relevant to our needs to reach new fans and customers while executing at lightning speed.”
“We are very happy with our AP team. They have been a key part of helping us grow our affiliate program and are lovely to work with.”
“The great year over year growth that we’ve seen with our UK affiliate programme would not have been possible without our account team at Acceleration Partners. They have provided us with high-touch account management, smart strategic guidance, and forward-thinking recommendations and tactics to enable us to continue to build our programme. Acceleration Partners has helped us uncover strong new affiliates and build lasting partner relationships, and because of this, we’re looking forward to a long, prosperous relationship with AP!”
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“Our partnership with Acceleration Partners has been unbelievably valuable. Through Acceleration Partners’ strategic recommendations and knowledge, the affiliate channel has become a high performing digital marketing channel for Reebok. We cannot say enough good things about everyone on the team.”
Stella & Dot
“The Acceleration Partners team is highly engaged and proactive; They couple strategic expertise with high-quality execution and they are always taking steps to drive more value from our digital channels.”
“Acceleration Partners understands our business. They are patient, proactive and understanding partners and are always coming up with new ideas to scale our program.”
Pura Vida
“Working with Acceleration Partners has allowed us to have a more strategic, data-driven and goal-oriented affiliate program.”
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Purple Carrot
“A lot of work goes into managing all of these affiliate partnerships and we appreciate all of the support Acceleration Partners provides!”
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"Acceleration Partners is an impressive team. They deliver on their promises and are stand out performers in the digital marketing sector."
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“The Acceleration Partners team has been great at communication and execution.”
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“We continue to be extremely pleased with the support we’re getting from the entire Acceleration Partners team. They are all very competent, responsive, on point and pleasant to work with—it’s obvious they genuinely care about the health of our program top to bottom. We’re grateful to have their support.”