The Case Study

Swarovski Successfully Migrates Their Global Affiliate Programme

Swarovski wanted to migrate its affiliate programme to one affiliate platform with The client had a complex global affiliate programme covering 20+ countries and conducted a brand repositioning concurrently. With guidance and strategic support from the Acceleration Partners global team and established in-market partner relationships, Swarovski successfully migrated their affiliate programme in three weeks.


81% of partners sale-active in two weeks

98% of total revenue migrated in three weeks

The migration support and management by Acceleration Partners, combined with the automation and scaling functionality within’s Partnership Cloud allowed the Swarovski team to focus on getting their programme up and running, and focused on business objectives rather than the migration.

The Challenge

Swarovski wanted to migrate its affiliate programme to one affiliate platform. The challenge this luxury jewelry brand and their partnership marketing agency, Acceleration Partners, faced was two-fold:

  1. Their affiliate programme covers 20+ countries, all of which were tracked individually with activity split across multiple affiliate networks.
  2. In line with its brand repositioning, Swarovski wanted to remove certain partners from the programme ahead of the migration.
Our Approach

Customised Migration Plan

To conduct this migration effectively and with as little impact on day-to-day business as possible, Swarovski required expertise, guidance, and support from a global partnership marketing agency. The Acceleration Partners team created a customised, step-by-step migration plan, including:

Reviewed programme partners across EMEA, APAC and North America to determine who would be migrated.

Utilised the automation capabilities within’s partnership technology offering to manage communications and follow ups to partners regarding the migration.

Audited all migrated partners to ensure that their links and creatives were updated. And recruited new partners that aligned with the clients refreshed brand image.

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