The Case Study

Strategic Campaign Helps Global Hotel Brand Activate 17.5% of APAC Partners

As COVID-19 restrictions began to loosen in mid-2021, many travel and hotel brands looked to recapture sales and capture share of the market's rising travel commerce revenue. With guidance and strategic recommendations from the Acceleration Partners team, as well as local language support in the client's key markets (China, Japan and Korea), an international hotel brand was able to shift its focus on APAC recruitment to activation.


17.5% published new content

7 articles published

17.5% now click-active and/or booking-active

$3,835+ revenue driven from 2-month campaign 

The Challenge

Acceleration Partners had worked with our client, a global hotel brand, to prioritise APAC partner recruitment from the beginning of Q4 2020 through Q1 2021. However, as pandemic restrictions loosened, the brand found that more than two-thirds of their newly onboarded partners were inactive. If the brand was to capture the uptick in travel demand, they would need to find a strategic way to reengage the targeted APAC affiliate programme partners.

Our Approach

In-Region Expertise and Relationships

Leveraging their own in-region expertise and existing publisher relationships, the dedicated Acceleration Partners team set a goal of activating at least 10% of these newly onboarded partners to help raise brand awareness and drive sales. 

To meet this goal, the Acceleration Partners team:

  • Identified inactive content partners
  • Executed an outreach campaign to incentivise these content partners during Q2 and Q3 that involved:

a. Creating content promoting the hotel brand to receive a one-time bonus
b. Receiving a CPA increase for 2 months once content was published

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