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What to Know About Partnering with FinTech Companies

The OutPerform Podcast

What to Know Before Trying to Partner with a Financial Services Company – Marilyn Valace

On this episode of Outperform, we talk with Marilyn Valace, Regional Director at Impact (formerly Impact Radius before a 3/20 rebrand) about how financial services companies are leveraging the affiliate model to market their products and services.

She talks about what makes financial services companies a unique client for technology platforms and agencies to work with and what they look for in their affiliate partnerships.

Marilyn also addresses the intense regulatory requirements financial services companies face and why they must be especially careful and selective about the types of companies and publishers they choose to work with.

If you have any interest in partnering with a financial services company, this Outperform podcast episode is a must-listen.


Show Notes

  • How SaaS platforms have contributed to the changing landscape of the performance marketing industry
  • How financial services providers are leveraging the affiliate model and why they’ve been slower to adopt this form of marketing compared with retail and e-commerce companies
  • Important things financial services companies must consider when choosing partners (agency, technology, etc.) and publishers
  • Types of publishers financial services companies tend to work with
  • How SaaS platforms have made it more feasible for financial service providers to take advantage of the affiliate model
  • The role Dodd-Frank, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and other compliance mandates play in how financial services companies approach their affiliate marketing programs
  • Opportunities on the horizon for financial services companies and performance marketing partners looking to work with them
  • Three things agencies and affiliates need to know if they want to work with financial services companies


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