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Top five tips to recruit affiliates globally

Affiliate marketing has enabled brands to engage with partners and promote their products internationally. However, as with any international affiliate marketing strategy it is important to create regionally specific plans to build strong relationships with partners abroad and recruit a range of global and local partners. Here are my top five tips to reach the right affiliates when launching a programme in a new country.


1. Understand your audience and the key actors

A crucial aspect of any affiliate programmes success is the selection of the partners that will not only promote the brand, but also drive quality traffic and revenue. One of the best practices to find partners in the targeted countries consists of conducting keyword research. Having an overview of the top key words used in each region you work in, that are relevant to your industry and your brand, is essential. Start with top relevant keywords and use search engines and online software such as SEMrush to search the terms. Based on the results provided, create a list of sites that are organically ranking and select partners that fit your brand.

Avoid translating the terms that work best in a country where the programme has already been launched, as they may be less relevant to the region you are now targeting.


2. Analyse the competition in the targeted region

Before expanding to any new region be sure to analyse your competition; research which partners are already working with your competitors, and the success of these partnerships. Conducting this research will allow you to respond to important questions such as: What do your competitors do? How are they working with influencers to promote their brand? How are you different? What can you offer that sets you apart from your competitors?

Even though your competitors are still testing their strategy, you will be able to list their best and worst practices and adapt your strategy accordingly.


3. Be visible with an affiliate page adapted to the country

Many partners find affiliate programmes from an advertiser’s website, and are more likely to join a programme when the information is in their local language. Set up affiliate pages for each of your key regions and ensure your affiliate page includes a clear description of the programme; clear messaging around what you can offer to their audience; the commission structure and a sign-up button.


4. Recruit partners from your network or SaaS platform

The choice of affiliate network plays a critical part in your recruitment strategy, as it will also be a factor of success in your expansion. Depending on the chosen Network/SaaS platform, a pool of international partners will be available to work with. Whether your partner is Impact, Partnerize, Awin, Pepperjam, ShareAsale, Webgains, Tradedoubler etc., make the most of your network/SaaS platform by selecting partners operating in your targeted region, and develop your relationship with them.


5. Explore opportunities with your global partners

If you are working with global partners such as digidip, Global Savings Group, Pepper Deals etc., it can be beneficial to work closely with them to identify promotional opportunities in the countries they are operating. These partners are often mature, have developed strong relationships, and are able to give you insights into the country and it’s nuances. Once you have communicated your objectives with them, they will make your programme available in the targeted regions.


Growing your affiliate programme globally is a great way to reach new audiences and expand revenue streams. As with any expansion, careful planning must be put in place to ensure there is a global strategy which is adapted to each individual market’s local nuances.

To find out more about expanding your programme globally get in touch with our team.

Author: Samantha-Lee