October 1st 2019
New Opportunities in Partner Marketing with Josh Lapidus, Home Depot

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(Listen time: 31:01)

More About this Episode

In his role as Manager of Paid Media Strategy and Performance Partnerships, Josh Lapidus engages with a wide variety of partnership types to help Home Depot build and optimize their paid and partner marketing initiatives.

In this Outperform episode we discuss how the concept of "partnerships" has evolved over the last few years and how brands like Home Depot are identifying new types of partnerships, testing campaigns with them and how these types of partners tend to differ from "traditional" affiliate relationships.


Show Notes

  • What piqued Josh's interest about a career in marketing.
  • Josh's experience working at Impact and the learnings he's been able to apply in his role at Home Depot.
  • How the affiliate model has evolved over the past few years in terms of partnerships formats and compensation models.
  • What the concept of Performance Partnerships® means today and how this perspective is on the rise.
  • Home Depot's perspective on affiliate marketing vs partner marketing.
  • Why it's so important for brands to dedicate time and effort to building quality relationships with partners.
  • What Josh does in his role to build and nurture marketing partnerships for Home Depot.
  • How Josh defines "out-of-the-box" partners and what makes some of these partnerships unique.
  • Tips for cultivating relationships with new types of partnerships, especially when doing so requires resources and support from other in-house teams.
  • What brands can and should expect when starting to work with out-of-the-box partners.
  • Internal and external challenges that can arise when expanding new types of partnerships.
  • Why the potential of partner marketing is so high and what brands can and should be doing now to grow their partnerships and their definition of what--or who-- a partner is.


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