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Influencer and Affiliate Marketing: Getting the Most out of Partnerships

Robert Glazer
Founder & CEO
Acceleration Partners

Todd Crawford
Co-Founder &
VP, Strategic Initiatives

Align Your Partnership Strategies.

Influencer and affiliate marketing have a lot in common, but they are also different. These differences are most pronounced if we look at each channel in its nascency: influencer marketing was for driving brand awareness and affiliate marketing was for driving last-click conversions. But as both influencer and affiliate partnerships evolve, they share more processes, goals, and strategies.

Rather than operating influencer and affiliate marketing in silos, brands around the world are aligning their partnership strategies to drive efficiencies and accelerate the performance of their programs.

Robert Glazer, Founder & CEO, Acceleration Partners and Todd Crawford, Co-Founder & VP of Strategic Initiatives, Impact help you navigate the convergence of influencer and affiliate marketing, sharing tips and tactics for developing a cohesive partnerships strategy.


Some topics discussed include:

  • The latest trends in partnerships
  • Strategies for driving growth with influencers and affiliates
  • A framework for measuring influencers and partners
  • Best practices for managing influencer and affiliate partnerships internally