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How Purple Carrot’s Affiliate Partners are Helping Them Navigate a New Normal

The Outperform Podcast

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More About this Episode

In this episode of Outperform, you’ll hear from Purple Carrot’s Marketing Project Manager, Allison Rolish, about how the plant-based meal kit company grew their business before and during the global pandemic with the help of their affiliate partners– as well as what Purple Carrot did to keep up with the increased demand for their subscription-based service.

Show Notes

  • How Purple Carrot’s affiliate partners were helping the brand grow their awareness and meal kit service prior to COVID-19.
  • How the Netflix documentary The Game Changers impacted Purple Carrot’s business and how their affiliate partners used the film to promote Purple Carrot’s meal subscription service.
  • What Purple Carrot experienced in March when COVID-19 became a household name around the world.
  • What Purple Carrot and their affiliate program management team did to facilitate their significant month-over-month order increases without overwhelming their delivery team.
  • How Purple Carrot handled the rapid increase in new affiliates wanting to join their program.
  • Some wins and learnings that have come out of navigating the pandemic and how Purple Carrot is planning on moving forward in these uncertain times.


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