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Going Global: Things to Consider When Expanding Internationally

The OutPerform Podcast

On this Outperform podcast episode, Bob Glazer (AP Founder and Managing Director) chats with Nicole Sahin, CEO of Boston-based Globalization Partners, about what it takes to take your business global.

As you’ll hear from Nicole, there’s a LOT that goes in to expanding your business into a new country. You’ll also learn that, when you have the right partners and expertise in place, going global doesn’t have to be as arduous or costly as many companies find it to be.


Show Notes

Tune in to hear about:

  • How Nicole got into the business of helping companies go global
  • What a PEO is and how the model works to help clients expand globally
  • What Globalization Partners has done to maintain their company culture as they’ve expanded their operations globally to support their clients’ needs.
  • What GP University is and how it supports Globalization Partners’ global culture
  • Countries where remote work cultures are rare or difficult to set up
  • Common things companies often overlook when expanding to a new country
  • How Globalization Partners helps clients mitigate their risk when expanding to a new, international market
  • How other countries view independent contractors
  • The mistakes Nicole’s made in her business and career that she’s learned the most from
  • Globalization Partners’ key to outperforming the competition

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