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Health and Wellness Brands Launch Partnership Programs with AP

We are delighted to announce that a number of health and wellness brands have selected Acceleration Partners (AP) to manage their partnership marketing programs.

As more consumers look for ways to incorporate healthy routines into their daily lives, the popularity of health and wellness brands has soared. The strong storytelling and branding component of partnership marketing make it a natural fit for brands and resonates with potential new consumers beginning their health and wellness journey.

Recent health and wellness brands to launch partnership marketing programs with AP include:

Because Market​ – This personal care brand offers older adults and their caretakes an easy way to access bladder protection, personal care, mobility, and home health testing products and supplements.

Calibrate​ – As the market’s first doctor-guided metabolic health company, Calibrate provides members with doctor-prescribed weight-loss medication along with intensive lifestyle intervention in the form of a comprehensive learning curriculum, one-on-one coaching, telemedicine, metabolic tracking, and an online community.

Eight Sleep​ – This health and wellness brand focuses on sleep fitness, leveraging innovation, technology, and personal biometrics to help consumers wake with peak energy levels.

Gobble – Personalized meal-delivery kit subscription service Gobble is focused on providing consumers with fresh pre-prepped, healthy meals. Gobble boxes include everything needed to make a fresh homemade meal in just 15 minutes.​

Hero Health – This subscription service aims to provide consumers and their caregivers with relief from medication management. Membership includes Hero’s award-winning smart medication dispenser, medication management app, automatic prescription refills, and 24/7 live support.

Jetson – Probiotic subscription service Jetson ​guides consumers through their personal gut health journeys. Jetson offers probiotics to support digestive health, weight management, immune health, and more.

Megafood​ – This vitamin and supplement brand is committed to helping consumers create a strong foundation of health, with quality products made from key nutrients and real food.

Noom Mood ​– Like their weight-management brand, Noom Mood uses behavioral science – including psychology, technology, and human coaching – to help individuals meet their personal wellness goals.

Pendulum Life​ – Probiotic brand Pendulum Life takes a microbiome-based scientific approach to gut health for glucose control and Type 2 Diabetes management. Products and services include an array of probiotic supplements and access to Registered Dieticians for nutrition support.

Pura​ – This home fragrance diffuser brand pairs smart technology with premium fragrance to create personalized scenting experiences for consumers. Pura partners with premium brands to bring original and well-loved fragrances to homes in a modern, convenient, and safe way.

Saje Natural Wellness​ – This wellness brand is committed to connecting consumers with the healing power of plants. Saje Natural Wellness delivers diffusers and essential oils, skincare, and body products with a focus on nature-based, cruelty-free ingredients and holistic wellness.

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Author: Jen Hoye