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Acceleration Partners Acquires Grovia to Expand Global Partnership Prospecting and Recruiting Capabilities

Acceleration Partners is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Grovia, extending our partnership prospecting and recruiting capabilities. Grovia offers software and services to accelerate partner discovery, recruitment, and revenue activation.

The Grovia acquisition is Acceleration Partners’ third since partnering with Mountaingate Capital in 2020.

“Grovia’s partnership recruitment tools are a powerful addition to the suite of services that Acceleration Partners provides. The addition of Grovia will allow us to better support our clients end to end and accelerate our ability to develop the best partnerships at scale,” said Matt Wool, CEO of Acceleration Partners.

Like Acceleration Partners, Grovia offers a global solution; and its platform enables recruiting for top brands across multiple regions. In addition to supporting the recruitment of standard affiliate partnerships, Grovia’s technology is also expected to benefit the Acceleration Partners’ client base through more scalable recruiting for B2B brands and partners, and support for influencer recruiting.

“The acquisition of Grovia by Acceleration Partners truly brings our success story full circle,” said Ian Brodie, CEO and co-founder of Grovia. Brodie and Rob Schaub founded Grovia in 2020, with the goal of helping high-growth companies discover and recruit digital marketing partners to increase sales. While planning for the business, Brodie and Schaub read “Performance Partnerships,” by Acceleration Partners founder, Robert Glazer. “…the book became our startup guide and Acceleration Partners, Bob’s company, became a north star for our newly formed business,” said Brodie.

Grovia’s all-remote workforce topped $1MM in ARR in its first year and continued on a rapid growth trajectory throughout 2021 and into 2022. Grovia has added more than 500k partners to their partner database in the past two years across all verticals, with emphasis on B2B, Fintech, retail, and health and wellness. With its best-in-class recruitment platform and high-level service expertise, Grovia is a natural fit for Acceleration Partners. Both organisations are fully remote, have a highly accountable and engaged employee culture, and pride themselves on the excellence of service they provide to clients.

With this acquisition, the Acceleration Partners team has grown to over 350 employees globally, representing a nearly 100% increase YoY.

To learn more about the unique capabilities that Acceleration Partners and Grovia bring together, contact us.