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Search affiliates bid on branded, trademark plus (TM+) terms or non-branded keywords to drive traffic to a brand's website. This can be done as a way to help brands block competitors/unauthorized bidders and generate incremental exposure.

At Acceleration Partners, we have deep experience with search/TM+. Whether you're looking to supplement your brand's existing search strategy within your partnership marketing program or gain a competitive advantage in search results, we can help. In addition to managing keyword compliance, our team has longstanding relationships with a number of partners and can negotiate placement packages with the search/TM+ partner that is right for your brand and goals. 


Why Brands Partner with Search TM+ Partners

Partnering with search affiliates through the affiliate channel can help supplement a brand's internal search strategy on a performance basis. This can be done by the search affiliate bidding on additional keywords—such as competitors of the brand—within other search engines for additional coverage, and more.



Partner Spotlight: Bravo Savings Network

Acceleration Partners' Publisher Development team has developed and nurtured relationships with a number of innovative partners from around the globe. In this Partner Spotlight video, Marya Myszczynski, Publisher Development Manager at Acceleration Partners, talks with Michael Collins, Sales Director at Bravo Savings Network. They dive into ways AP client brands can partner with Bravo Savings Network, with a key focus around how they can support TM+ strategy and initiatives. 


Learn how to make search/TM+ affiliates work for your partnership marketing program.

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