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TRUFF Selects Acceleration Partners to Manage Their Affiliate Program

TRUFF has selected Acceleration Partners to take over program management of their affiliate marketing program!

Made with an ultra-unique blend of real black truffles and red chili peppers, TRUFF’s line of luxury pantry staples are designed to elevate the dining experience. Originally founded through a popular food and lifestyle Instagram blog called @sauce, TRUFF immediately propelled into social media virality with the release of its hot sauce in 2017. The brand quickly became the fastest growing company in the hot sauce space due to its distinctive flavor profile, pristine bottle, and truffle-inspired cap.

Taking inspiration from the flagship black truffle experience, TRUFF recently expanded its family of products to include other popular favorites like TRUFF Pasta Sauce, TRUFF Mayonnaise, and TRUFF Black Truffle Oil. You can find TRUFF’s variety of sauces in stores nationwide and around the world in the UK, Australia, Kuwait, and South Korea. TRUFF is made in southern California and is Gluten-Free and non-GMO.

For affiliates (particularly content partners) looking to earn a competitive commission while sharing their favorite luxury hot sauce and pantry staples with their audience, TRUFF’s affiliate program offers up to 12% commission. TRUFF also offers monthly newsletters announcing new promos, products, and more.

To learn more about TRUFF’s program, visit our website here.

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Author: Teagan Fast