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Taking Your Affiliate Programme Global – Part 2

The OutPerform Podcast


Tyla Cobb (Account Director) and Tess Waresmith (Senior Account Manager) both have extensive experience helping clients launch, optimise and expand their global affiliate marketing programmes and performance partnerships.

On Part Two of this three-part series, they focus on the important things you should consider AFTER you’ve confirmed there is a viable opportunity for your affiliate programme in a new, global region.

Show Notes

  • The first, most important thing a company should do after deciding to take their programme global.
  • Why it’s important to keep expectations in check.
  • What you need to work closely with your operations team on (HR, legal, etc.) to ensure you’re following the laws and logistics for employment in that country.
  • Hiring local vs hiring someone who can relocate to the region.
  • What to look for in the right on-the-ground person/team.
  • Local vs mega-region launch needs/requirements.
  • Important considerations for working with/leading a global team.
  • Tips for keeping your global affiliate team members engaged with your domestic (e.g. US) team.
  • What your operations/HR team needs to do/consider before sending a US team member to another country to manage an affiliate programme.
  • Attributes an on-the-ground person needs to have in order to be successful in their role helping a client expand their affiliate programme.
  • Why being flexible is so crucial when taking your affiliate programme global.
  • Why you should provide your on-the-ground team members who are unfamiliar with APAC with maps of the malls.
  • What a proactive global coordination and collaboration processes looks like.
  • Why investing time and resources into affiliate marketing education is so vital in certain markets.


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