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Taking Your Affiliate Programme Global – Part 3

The OutPerform Podcast


Tyla Cobb (Account Director) and Tess Waresmith (Senior Manager) have significant experience launching, expanding and managing global affiliate marketing programmes.

In her nearly four years at Acceleration Partners, Tyla’s managed both domestic and global affiliate marketing programmes for large, global brands, including Target, adidas, Reebok, Pier One and Tiny Prints. As an Account Director, she oversees the performance of global teams managing affiliate programmes in multiple counties.

Tess Waresmith is a Senior Marketing Manager at Acceleration Partners. While at AP, she’s had the unique opportunity to live and work in Asia (Singapore) while helping one of AP’s largest clients get their affiliate programme off the ground.

On this third and final episode of our three-part Taking Your Affiliate Programme series, we discuss what companies should be looking at in the first six to 12 months to assess performance and address challenges.

Show Notes

  • Expectations that companies should have after an affiliate programme has been up and running for a few months.
  • Key considerations advertisers should be thinking about a few months after taking their affiliate programme global.
  • Why you should make it a habit to regularly look at and re-evaluate your country priority list.
  • Examples of what that re-evaluation process can look like.
  • Why having a test and learn approach is so critical and what that has looked like with AP clients.
  • How a team on the ground in APAC came up with some creative ways for developing successful relationships with publishers who weren’t familiar with affiliate.
  • Common challenges that start to arise about six months into the launch of an affiliate programme in a new market or region.
  • Rewards companies can realise from expanding their affiliate programme into a new country or market—if they can properly prepare themselves and their team before and after expanding.


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