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Skylight Selects Acceleration Partners to Manage Their Affiliate Program

Skylight, a family photo-sharing platform, has selected Acceleration Partners (AP) to manage their affiliate marketing program.

Skylight offers a sleek digital photo frame that allows family members to remotely share photos with their loved ones. The company was founded by a team of Harvard Business School students who were searching for a device that would make it easy to share photos with family members across the world. After realizing that the product they wanted did not exist, they decided to create it themselves.

With Skylight, you can simply send photos to a dedicated email address, and they will magically appear on your loved one’s frame. It is a perfect gift for parents and grandparents, loved ones living or serving overseas, and anyone else who would love to get a glimpse of your most beautiful moments.

Affiliate partners who want to promote this unique picture-sharing service can earn competitive commissions through Skylight’s affiliate program. The program offers a commission of 2% with an average order value of around $200, a 90-day cookie window, monthly newsletters, seasonal creative, and opportunities for exclusive offers. The program is supported by AP, an award-winning affiliate marketing management agency that delivers the best outcomes for both brands and partners.

Skylight’s affiliate program is open to various partners, including sub-affiliates, comparison sites, content partners, coupon partners, loyalty sites, mass media, review sites, and influencer networks. AP’s team works with affiliates to maximize their earning potential.

Overall, Skylight’s affiliate program offers a great opportunity for affiliate partners looking to promote an innovative product while earning competitive commissions. With AP’s management, the program promises to deliver the best outcomes for both affiliates and the brand.

To learn more about Skylight’s program, visit our website here.

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Author: Acceleration Partners