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Partner Innovation Week: Spotlight on FinTech

Have you ever wondered how crypto-currency, buy now pay later solutions, investments, bank rewards, and card-linked offers can contribute to the success of an affiliate programme?

In our five-part webinar series, valued partner experts – including Affirm, CapitalOne, Cardlytics, Acorns, and Lolli – will share their insights on the latest trends and how these innovative publishers can help ANY brand scale their business!

If you are an advertiser, represent a brand, or simply want to learn about the world of FinTech, this is a webinar series you want to watch!

Affirm: How “Buy Now, Pay Later” is Changing the Payment Landscape

Host: Tim Bruderek, Senior Publisher Development Manager, Acceleration Partners


  • Kisney Lopes, Director Marketplace Partnerships, Affirm
  • Kelly Ground, Head of Affiliate & Brand Strategy, Acceleration Partners

Consumer spending habits are rapidly changing and Buy Now, Pay Later services, like those offered by Affirm, have become increasingly prevalent across the web. Buy Now, Pay Later has made it easy for consumers to purchase items online, allowing them to spread their expenses over a fixed period. As part of their mission is to deliver honest financial products that improve lives, Affirm is building the next generation platform for digital and mobile-first commerce. Affirm’s technology makes it easy for merchants to diversify their affiliate channel, boost AOV and conversations, and grow their new customer base


Cardlytics: How Brands Can Benefit from the Rise of Card-Linked Offers

Host: Michelle Morgan, Director of Publisher Development, Acceleration Partners


  • Evelyne Forester, Vice President of Agency & Channel Partnerships, Cardlytics
  • Christine Milot, Senior Account Manager, Acceleration Partners

Cardlytics has driven over $46B in measurable sales for advertisers and has an exclusive partnership with CHASE banks. With their acquisition of DOSH, another notable card-linked offer (CLO) partner, Cardlytics has become of the largest CLO publishers in the space. In this session, learn how Cardlytics helps brands gain market share, acquire new customers, increase loyalty, and drive omni-channel sales


Acorns: Automatic Investments and Consumer Saving Behaviours

Host: Vikki Danielson, Head of Partner Development, Acceleration Partners


  • Rob Saunders, Senior Director of Business Development, Acorns
  • Chelsey Holt, Account Director, Acceleration Partners

As a result of their mission to encourage and empower financial wellness for everyone, Acorns now has millions of investment account users. In this session, learn how Acorns is empowering users to micro-invest and how their platform can help generate millions of dollars to their advertisers


Lolli: How Cryptocurrency Will Affect the Future of Shopping

Host: Cheryl Yee, Senior Publisher Development Manager, Acceleration Partners


  • Alex Adelman, CEO / Co-Founder, Lolli
  • Brittany Pennellatore, Associate Account Director, Acceleration Partners

Lolli is taking a one-of-a-kind approach to customer loyalty by rewarding customers with bitcoin. In this session, Alex Adelman, CEO and co-founder of Lolli, will discuss all the unique ways they engage with their users and build brand loyalty for their advertisers – including through their YouTube channel Lolli TV! Bitcoin is becoming the universal language of money and our AP clients are part of this story!


Capital One Shopping: How “Traditional” Banking Institutions Use Innovation to Drive Customer Loyalty

Host: Tim Bruderek, Senior Publisher Development Manager, Acceleration Partners


  • Jaclyn Munch, Client Partnerships, Capital One Shopping
  • Andrew Landau, Senior Director, Head of Partnerships, Capital One Shopping
  • Robert Glazer, Founder and CEO, Acceleration Partners

Traditional banking institutions have recognised affiliate as a powerful channel to grow customer loyalty and deliver rewards that are both personalised and relevant. Capital One Shopping is on the cutting edge of innovation within the affiliate industry, with a unique offering that sets them apart from other financial institutions. With desktop, browser extension, and mobile experiences, Capital One Shopping has a goal to deliver personalised reward experiences to customers wherever they shop. With their new Cardholder Offers programme, merchants now have access to a captive audience of 20M+ actively engaged customers.