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Lifepro Fitness Selects Acceleration Partners to Manage Their Affiliate Program

Lifepro Fitness has selected Acceleration Partners to take over program management of their affiliate marketing program!

Lifepro believes wellness, recovery and fitness do not have to be a chore—so they’re changing the game by making holistic wellness attainable for everyone. This brand offers the best solutions through their products and most importantly through their community. They offer recovery equipment, massage guns, online training, vibration platforms, fitness coaching, and more—all designed to relieve chronic pain and reduce recovery time.

The coaches at Lifepro want to walk beside you every step of the way. Because of that, they have developed a free online workout video library offering constant support and ideas on how to keep your workouts fun and effective with the use of their Lifepro exercise tools, designed to give you a low-cost, low-impact workout at any intensity, anytime, anywhere. This isn’t a gimmick. It’s real people helping and encouraging real people to redefine your workout, redefine your body, and redefine your life.

Affiliates interested in becoming a part of Lifepro’s program will find they have several unique offerings, including monthly newsletters announcing new products and promotions, new and seasonal creative to help promote Lifepro to your audience, and affiliate opportunities for exclusive offers. Sub-affiliate networks, comparison sites, content, loyalty and mass media affiliates are especially encouraged to consider joining this lucrative program!

To learn more about Lifepro’s program, visit our website here.


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