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Employee Spotlight: Stefani Baranowski

Meet Stefani Baranowski, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Acceleration Partners. Read on to learn how she got into the world of talent acquisition, her wedding-singer background and what her superpower would be.


Before working at Acceleration Partners, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I was a Corporate Recruiter for a clean energy company before joining Acceleration Partners. The technology was fascinating and I learned all about the product life cycle, from design and manufacturing to installation. The company’s mission was to “make clean, reliable energy affordable for everyone on earth” and our employees really believed in the difference we were making.

How did you get into the world of Talent Acquisition?

I went to Drexel University, a school that is known for their co-op (cooperative) curriculum. This model balances classroom theory with periods of practical, hands-on experience prior to graduation. My second co-op experience was at an executive recruiting firm and I was instantly hooked. Each search felt like a treasure hunt. Even better, in the end, everyone came out a winner. The candidate got a job they were excited about, the hiring manager was thrilled to have the position filled with a qualified candidate, and I got paid!


What do you enjoy most about recruiting?

In corporate recruiting, I recruit for and subsequently learn about every department and position within an organization. I have visibility into the “bigger picture” and how each role works together to make up a functioning organization. I’m also able to build relationships with different levels of management because they typically have involvement in the hiring process. This “access to the top” is something that other employees don’t get as often.


If you could pick a theme from the Talent Acquisition world and turn it into a book, what would the title be?

“The Craziest Things I’ve Seen Written on a Resume” and/or “What NOT to Say in an Interview!”


Three words that best describe you?

Empathetic, Committed, Fun


Best place you’ve ever travelled to?

Samos, Greece. It is not one of the more well-known Greek Islands, but I can assure you, it is absolutely breathtaking! My grandparents live there and I’ve been vacationing there almost every summer since I was a kid. My favorite part is swimming in the crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea. And of course, the food!


Something about yourself that might surprise us?

I’m a retired wedding singer! My husband and I fell in love when we were in a wedding band together called “The Friends with Benefits.”


Favorite thing to do outside of work?

Hang out with my daughter and go see live music!


Biggest pet peeve?

When it is apparent that a candidate has done ZERO research on our company before their phone interview with me. A little Google goes a long way…


If you could have a super power, what would it be?

The ability to fly!


You’re in the greater Philadelphia area. What’s your favorite place to eat/favorite place to go?

To eat: My go-tos are Hawthorne’s for Brunch, Sidecar (The Mushroom Dip Sandwich is heaven), Fat Salmon for sushi, and Heritage for a little jazz while dining.

To go: Passyunk, PlayArts (a hip, indoor play place) with my daughter, Longwood Gardens.


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This blog post was updated on September 22, 2021.
Author: Lenox Powell