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Acceleration Partners Welcomes Several Business-to-Business Brands

We are excited to announce that a number of business-to-business (B2B) brands have selected Acceleration Partners (AP) to manage their partnership marketing programs, including several global brands.

AP delivers fully integrated, strategic, and transparent B2B partnership marketing program management. We take a consultative approach to understand each unique brand’s sector, audience, and challenges to custom tailor a scalable solution that delivers measurable outcomes.

Recent B2B clients to launch partnership marketing programs with AP include:

Bubble​ – The leader in the no-code movement, Bubble’s point-and-click web editor and cloud hosting platform enables users to build fully customizable web applications and workflows, including prototypes, marketplaces, and SaaS products.

Remote – Global talent marketplace leader Remote’s full-stack platform enables organizations to build, manage, and provide benefits to talent around the globe. Remote delivers global services ranging from talent management, payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options and regulatory compliance.

NorthOne – The online financial technology brand for small businesses, startups, and freelancers delivers a digital banking experience. NorthOne’s powerful banking and finance tools include an online deposit account, payment services, and POS integration capabilities.

Fast Capital 360 – Trusted by more than 35K SMBs, Fast Capital 360 connects entrepreneurs with a nationwide network of lenders through a single loan application. Applicants also have the access to Fast Capital 360’s people, tools, and business insights needed to make confident decisions.

Jimdo – Germany-based website builder Jimdo also maintains offices in Tokyo. Jimdo supports self-employed with website development, e-commerce platform, and social media support, and provides user insights and possibilities that are otherwise only available to large companies.

At AP, we understand the inherent differences and challenges of a B2B program, and have the expertise, technology, and resources required to develop and manage a partnership marketing program that accounts for your sector, audience, and goals.

Our unique in-house Publisher Development team research, curates, and nurtures professional global partnerships that can represent your brand as a credible, trustworthy source to customers at every stage of the lifecycle funnel.

In addition, we understand the complexity of tracking in the B2B sector, as there are more stages in the buyer journey and often extra stages need to be tracked and paid out on (e.g., a lead). We are platform agnostic and can support you on the platform that will best enable your program to scale and grow.

Whether you’re looking to build or expand brand reputation, drive more sales, or increase customer lifetime value (CLV), we can help. Connect with us!
Author: Jen Hoye