Need to improve your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)? Learn how to attract & retain high-value customers via Affiliate.


Influencer marketing is growing in popularity among online retailers as they seek to expand their reach with relevant shoppers and drive traffic to stores. Retailers have already been doing influencer marketing in the form of affiliate marketing, providing marketing tools and support to partners who decide how to present content to their audience.  By managing midtier to long-tail influencers through their affiliate programs, online retailers can better reward performance, manage costs and comply with regulations.

Boutique style jewelry and accessory brand, Stella & Dot, partnered with Acceleration Partners to run an initial influencer marketing campaign through their affiliate program. The campaign aimed to increase brand awareness and customer engagement with content generated from a select group of fashion influencers.


Within a one-week period, Acceleration Partners identified and received proposals from over 150 highly-quality fashion and style influencers who matched Stella & Dot’s unique brand, using a combination of quantitative and qualitative criteria.  The online retailer selected eight fashion forward influencers to promote their spring and summer fashions.  These influencers created posts across blogs, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, sharing unique Stella & Dot styles.


The success of Stella & Dot’s campaign demonstrates how partnering with targeted social media influencers can accelerate brand awareness and drive customer engagement. By managing influencers through their affiliate program, Stella & Dot had the opportunity to track results, reward influencers based on performance and ensure that their promotional efforts were brand aligned.

  • 150 proposals from high-quality fashion and style influencers in one week
  • 16 posts across blogs, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • 18,000 engagements in seven weeks