The Case Study

Retailer Drives Revenue Through BNPL Partners

A large global retailer was looking to expand their customer base to some key demographics that could exponentially drive revenue growth for the brand. Through Acceleration Partners' dedicated client services team with boots-on-the-ground worldwide and an experienced publisher development team, they were able to research and develop a data-driven plan to negotiate better media placements through lucrative Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) partners and existing affiliate relationships.


$46M Revenue Driven by
all BNPL Partners
49%of Revenue came from
$1.3MRevenue Driven from
a Single BNPL Partner
37%Revenue Increase in Placements with one U.S. BNPL Partner
The Challenge

A large global retailer looked to expand their customer base to target millennial and Gen Z women, a previously unengaged demographic. Engaging these demographic groups could drive tremendous growth for the retailer, opening a powerful new market segment and increasing revenue. 

Market opportunity data points:

• According to research, Gen Z have an estimated purchasing power of $140 billion,
versus Millennials with a purchasing power of $2.5 trillion
• Millennials also have influence over more than $600 billion in household purchases
• Female buyers account for 85% of all consumer purchases

Our Approach

Data-Driven Commission and Partner Recommendations

The dedicated client services team recommended that the retailer pay affiliates not just from a traditional percentage-based affiliate commission model, but also offer the option to pay flat fees for certain placements and engage with 10 Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) enabled partners. Why? Because nearly 75% of BNPL (45 million users in the US) are millennials or Gen Z; and globally, 80% of BNPL users are millennials or Gen Zers, ages 14+.

The team also worked with BNPL partners to negotiate placements, maximizing both potential opportunities and partnership marketing spend. The team negotiated 800% increase of media in Q3, 50% in Q4.

The partners helped drive additional purchases through their BNPL solutions, which enable a more seamless and easier shopping experience that required fewer clicks. The biggest win has been their ability to implement a one-time card, which allows users who are in the BNPL app to break up their payment into 4 or more payments without these partners being implemented as a payment solution on the global retailer's website. 

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