The Case Study

Le Col realises significant growth with targeted recruitment and activation campaign

Founded by professional cyclist and rider for team GB, Yanto Barker, Le Col is a premium British cycling apparel brand with a single-minded focus on performance. They take real pride in what they do, with a simple but enduring purpose: to make the best performance kit to help cyclists ride faster and further on every ride.

Our Objectives:

  • Cost-effectively increase orders driven through the affiliate channel via a diverse range of partners
  • Run a targeted recruitment and activation campaign to increase the number of sale active partners on the program by 70%

150% YoY increase in sale active program partners

205% MoM increase in sales

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Our Approach

Streamlined Recruitment and Activation Strategy

Three strategic pillars defined the program relaunch:

1. Recruitment: Create a strong pipeline of new program partners through a new program recruitment strategy
2. Re-activation: Activate existing program partners through a targeted optimization campaign
3. Program technology: Create a new program product feed to allow a broader range of partners to join the program

Program product feed

The team worked with Le Col to launch a new program product feed, opening up the opportunity to work with Price Comparison and CSS partners.

Recruitment and activation campaign

Working with Acceleration Partner's internal Partner Development Team, the program manager put in place a streamlined recruitment and activation strategy.

Environmental and health concerns have seen the popularity of cycling based products soar, and many consumers are choosing cycling as a hobby and a preferred mode of transport. The Acceleration Partners team saw this as the perfect opportunity to increase partner engagement on the program as well as to recruit new sale-active partners.

Recruitment and activation of new program partners

  • The team conducted a GAP analysis of Le Col's competitors to identify partner recruitment targets; identifying 300 partner targets. The analysis focused on top tier partners across a range of business models including Content, Loyalty, Cashback, Voucher, CSS partners and Price Comparison sites.
  • Acceleration Partners adjusted recruitment messaging to focus on brand growth and the significant increase in consumer demand for sport and athletic products, as well as the compelling promotions the brand was running, such as "20-25% off all products."
  • All new program partners were offered a +5% CPA increase during their first month of joining the program, in exchange for top product listings in newsletters or on-site promotions.

Engagement of existing program partners

  • The team analyzed the performance of existing program partners and established a list of partners to activate. Activation focused on CPA led exposure, offering partners a CPA increase in exchange for exposure-led packages. They also found specific voucher partners to activate and provided these partners with exclusive codes to increase brand exposure.
  • Activation messaging focused on product demand, and Le Col's compelling offers. Thanks to product popularity, the team was able to negotiate increased exposure and build stronger relationships with existing program partners.


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