Employee Spotlight: Kari Kallhoff

Kari Kallhoff Employee Spotlight.

How long have you been with Acceleration Partners and what is your current role?

I am an Associate Account Director, and I just celebrated my 4-year anniversary with Acceleration Partners in April!


What do you do as an Associate Account Director in Global Accounts?

Two of my core responsibilities as an Associate Account Director focus on ensuring people’s happiness—both the happiness of my internal team, and the satisfaction of our clients with Acceleration Partners’ services. I also ensure that strategies and projects are coordinated across our global teams for the accounts I support.

Kari Kallhoff presenting at AP Summit.


As an Associate Account Director in Global Accounts, what are some challenges when it comes to managing a global program?

There can be a lot of moving pieces on a global account with team members spanning the globe. Making sure everyone is aligned and that you’re effectively communicating with a wide array of people spanning different time zones can be challenging, but it’s so wonderful getting to work with folks from all over the world with different backgrounds!


What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part is when my team hits or exceeds their goals. This could be devising strategies that contribute to crushing a client’s goals, or their own individual professional goals, such as being promoted. It pumps me up when people reach milestones and I get to be a part of their journey.


What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned in your time here thus far?

Most growth occurs by pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and ditching the fear to fail. Prior to Acceleration Partners, I lived in my comfort zone. I only wanted to do things in my wheelhouse because I was terrified of failure.

Leaders and peers alike at Acceleration Partners will always encourage you to go for it and try something new. Even if you fall on your face, at least you tried and probably learned something really valuable that will ultimately help you grow!


What is your favorite hobby or activity to do outside of work?

I’m super passionate about health and fitness, and I love working out! When I’m not in the “office,” I’m at the gym, where I am also a CrossFit coach. CrossFit has had such a positive impact on my life—it’s incredibly fulfilling to get to pay it forward and help other people reach their health and wellness goals.

Kari Kallhoff at CrossFit.


Finally, if you could be in the Guinness Book of World Records, what record-breaking feat would you attempt?

I’m in awe of people who can run really fast. So, I’d probably have to say breaking the fastest mile time, just so I could see what that feels like!


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