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Cerebral makes high-quality mental health care both accessible and affordable to help you feel better, faster. Ensuring best clinical outcomes is at the heart of their mission. Their care experts follow the latest and best science and evidence-based guidelines, giving you the best care possible on your journey to wellness.

Unique Program Offerings

  • Monthly newsletters announcing new products
  • Seasonal creative to help promote the brand
  • Opportunities for exclusive offers
  • And more!

Program Basics

  • Hub Commission: $12/Account Sign Up
  • Cookies: 15 Days
  • Payout Model: CPL
  • Network ID: 12128
  • Data Feed: No

  • Technology Network: Impact
  • Approved Partner Types: Sub-Affiliate, Sub Affiliate Networks, Comparison Sites, Content, Coupon, Mass Media, Review Sites, Sub-Affiliate /Influencer Network
  • Verticals: Health & Beauty
  • Consumer Location: U.S.

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