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For many, the Q3 months are a time of adventure, sunshine and visiting new and exotic destinations. But before we embark on any expedition, it’s important that we have clear directions and local insights to guide us on a successful journey.

Our Q3 2017-2018 Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report is the map you’ve been looking for and will give you access to insider affiliate industry data. In this benchmark report you’ll also learn:

  • How much total Q3 affiliate channel revenue grew year-over-year for the sample client group we evaluated between Q3 2017 and Q2 2018.
  • Why you should be aware of the year-over-year increase in click active partnerships.
  • How much mobile revenue rose in Q3 and how to capitalise on this.
  • Why it’s important to consider consumers who are likely to get an early start on all seasonal shopping.
  • Strategic tips for navigating current and upcoming seasonal affiliate programmes.

Implement these travel tips to better navigate the path of your affiliate programme and arrive at a successful destination in the year ahead.