Pura Vida’s multi-channel approach to brand-aligned affiliate marketing



Pura Vida’s revenue goals for 2018

  • Double revenue from 2017.
  • Have affiliate marketing programme generate 8%-10% of overall revenue.


Solution to meeting those goals

  • Take a multi-channel approach between affiliate, Pura Vida’s reps and Facebook ads.
  • Harmonize all of Pura Vida’s online and offline marketing initiatives.
  • Bring on more high-quality affiliate partners.
  • Ensure brand-aligned partners are representing Pura Vida in the best light possible.


Strategic recommendation

Developed by Acceleration Partners to help Pura Vida reach their 2018 affiliate programme revenue goals

  • Transition from working primarily with content partners to focusing more on top coupon, deal and loyalty partners within Pura Vida’s programme.
  • Optimize top affiliate partners to ensure they promote Pura Vida in a brand aligned way.


Client case study highlights Pura Vida bracelets strategic approach

The Acceleration Partners team took to ensure top coupon, deal and loyalty partners were optimized and delivering real value to Pura Vida’s affiliate programme

  • Weekly scrubs of affiliate programme partners and removing coupon codes from unapproved partners.
  • Careful and consistent evaluation of programme performance data (conversions, traffic, partner performance, etc.).
  • Homepage and other placements on top partners’ sites.
  • Provide exclusive, limited-time coupon codes to top coupon, deal and loyalty partners.
  • Strategic commissioning of coupon, deal and loyalty partners.
  • Clear communication with the Pura Vida team and their affiliate partners.


Results from optimized partnerships strategy

  • Saved Pura Vida over $19,000 in publisher commissions.
  • Pura Vida’s affiliate programme revenue more than doubled from last year.
  • Great exposure on brand-aligned coupon sites.
  • Strengthened relationships with partners in Pura Vida’s programme.
  • Pura Vida has been able to bring on more artisans from Costa Rica, El Salvador and India.
  • Able to donate $1.5 Million to their charity partners.
  • Strengthened their social media and email marketing initiatives as well as their rep programme.


Pura Vida’s internal marketing support

Internal marketing team initiatives have helped the success of their affiliate programme

  • By truly knowing and appreciating who their target audience is and taking a multichannel approach to reach them, Pura Vida has been able to strengthen and expand their customer relationships.
  • Aligning those insights with their affiliate programme has helped Pura Vida target the right partners, develop the right coupon offers, maintain the authenticity and reputation of their brand and grow revenue from their affiliate channel.


“Acceleration Partners is such a trust-worthy source, we really view them as an extension of our brand.”

Griffin Thall
Co-Founder and CEO of Pura Vida Bracelets

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