Impartiality in our affiliate platform approach

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I wanted to bust a myth about Acceleration Partners that has been bothering me. I often hear this;

“You work exclusively with platform X, don’t you?”  


A ‘platform’ in this context is an affiliate network or SaaS platform; both enable brands and agencies to track and manage their affiliate marketing activity.  We don’t work exclusively with any platform; our approach is to be impartial.  


Many agencies work exclusively with one platform (or solely advise their clients to use it). There are clear benefits to that approach for agencies, including only needing to use one platform. We have to train our teams across all platforms – that is a significant operational lift. There are potential cost savings and rewards for working exclusively with one platform too.  


Whilst the SaaS platforms recognised the value agencies could add early on; affiliate networks have been sceptical. In recent years the market has changed, and the progressive affiliate networks have been more open to the value that agencies can add to their client’s affiliate programmes and their own success.  


Our current client split in EMEA demonstrates this: 


Affiliate Platform Chart 

Why do we have an open approach to platforms? 


We work with a broad range of clients, many of which have global affiliate programmes, different needs, preferences, budgets and objectives. There is not a one size fits all platform solution for all of our 160+ clients.   


We believe that service and technology are separate considerations and should not be tied into a contract together. Clients’ needs can change over time; a platform that meets objectives today may not be the right solution in 5-years’ time. We think a client should be able to make the service or technology changes separately.  


With our team of over 200+ employees worldwide, we can scale expertise and training on all platforms. Our clients should have that flexibility without being limited by their affiliate agency of choice.  


Making platform recommendations  


There are over 40 different affiliate marketing platforms worldwide, and we have experience working across most of them. Clients often ask us for our recommendation on which platform to use as we are in a unique position to provide an honest assessment.  


We will always be objective and give the client pros and cons to each platform, advising on the key areas to consider for their affiliate programme and goals. However, we will never direct which platform to use; the client will always make that decision.  


To give an example, we had a client running their affiliate programme on various platforms globally, creating challenges in reporting, resource, and general maintenance. It wasn’t efficient to be working on multiple platforms, and our recommendation was to consolidate to one-two platforms globally. We supported that process, but the client decided what platform they wanted to move to.  


Supporting and adding value for platforms 


Affiliate marketing agencies like us must work hard to prove their worth, earn their money and are often under much more scrutiny than the platforms.  


Our approach is to add value in whatever we are doing for both the client and the platform. As well as full affiliate management services, we can support both client and platform with additional resources in partner development, strategy, and specific market development.  We see our role as supporting both the client and platform. If we drive more revenue for the client, we drive more revenue and support retention for the platform.  


If you are a client or platform that would like additional support to grow your affiliate programme, expand into new markets or get an outside perspective, I would thoroughly recommend talking to an agency. Our 160+ clients worldwide can vouch for that 


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