US Consumers Revealed To Be The Biggest Tech Spenders, While Europeans Spend On Fashion

US Consumers Revealed To Be The Biggest Tech Spenders, While Europeans Spend On Fashion


The world’s biggest sector spenders have been revealed following global research, investigating just how much disposable income consumers feel they really have and what they choose to do with it.

Our team surveyed 1,500 respondents from six continents all of whom were at least 21 years old and in full time employment. The continents polled consisted of Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Australia/Oceania. The findings revealed that North American consumers are most likely to spend on tech, while European consumers overwhelmingly spend their excess income on fashion and beauty.

First, all respondents were asked, “How much of your income do you estimate to remain, on average, once all bills and necessities are covered?” to which Asian consumers stated that they usually had the most disposable income, with an average answer of 27%. American consumers, by contrast, stated that 14% of their income was left as disposable on average, while the average amount of salary left for Europeans was 17%. Those who stated that they had the least disposable income left over were those from the Australia/Oceania region, with just 6% of their salary becoming disposable income on average.

The respondents were then asked to state what sector they spent most on when it came to parting with their disposable income, to which the results were as follows:

  • North America – Technology (34% of respondents identified as their biggest sector spend)
  • Europe – Fashion & beauty (31%)
  • Australia/Oceania – Travel (24%)
  • Africa – Leisure pursuits (18%)
  • South America – Fashion & beauty (17%)
  • Asia – Food & Drink (16%)

Finally, all respondents were then asked if they made regular savings, to which 68% of Asian respondents stated that they did, followed by 51% of African respondents. Just 19% of European respondents stated that they regularly saved money.

These findings offer a fascinating glimpse into consumer trends and habits around the world, with diverse answers demonstrating an interesting reflecting on our modern cultures. It’s very telling that Europeans have relatively little in the way of disposable income, and equally save less than those in other continents.