Turn the Talk launch diversity in public speaking report

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In March 2019, Acceleration Partners and Connected Path announced the launch of an industry-wide diversity initiative Turn the Talk. The launch was supported with a survey, asking respondents to comment on their thoughts towards public speaking, perceived barriers and how inclusive and freely available these opportunities are.

The report shines light on the diversity debate and how we can work together as an industry to empower new voices across our industry and covers the following key themes:

  • Experience of speaking
  • Value from current events
  • Confidence
  • Learning and development
  • Accessibility of speaker opportunities
  • And more…

Acceleration Partners

Sophie Parry-Billings, Senior Marketing Manager at Acceleration Partners said: “The feedback we received helped us to identify a challenge in the concepts of ‘experience’ and ‘expert’. There was a strong desire from respondents for more opportunities to speak and to hear from speakers that weren’t always the most senior, or longest serving, but could bring relatable knowledge and expertise to a stage. Currently there seems to be a belief that experts are only those who have been in the industry for a long time. This is a perception we need to change if we want to empower new voices.”