Three innovative affiliates to watch in 2019

Three innovative affiliates to watch in 2019

Want to make sure your affiliate programme is one step ahead of the rest this year? Take a look at the three innovative affiliates to pave the way in 2019.


UK Finance released figures in May 2018 which stated that four out of ten people in the UK regularly use mobile banking apps. In addition to this, industry analyst CACI predicts that 35 million people (75% UK adult population) will bank via mobile app by 2023.

Who are the key players driving this trend forward? Well-known banking institutions have dominated the space for years. However, the release of new regulations surrounding Open Banking (PSD2) in the UK in 2018 has allowed others such as Revolut to emerge from the shadows with a fresh proposition for customers.

What is Revolut?

Revolut is a Global, mobile-only banking app which launched in 2015 with three different account types currently available (Standard, Premium, and Metal).

Key features

  • The app provides spending insights allowing customers to see where their money is going and the functionality to be able to create their own budgets
  • The ‘Vaults’ feature allows customers to assign spend/ savings
  • Customers can spend, transfer and withdraw funds abroad at favourable rates
  • Security features e.g. freeze and unfreeze card or block payments
  • Cryptocurrency exchange

How could Revolut work as an affiliate partner for you?

With a total of over 4 million customers and over 350 million transactions made so far via their app, this could certainly be a profitable programme for publishers to sign up for and an attractive customer audience size for advertisers to explore in the next few months.


In 2018 Criteo stated that more than 50% of online transactions, particularly in Northern Europe and Japan, were made via mobile.

It’s clear from the stats around both mobile banking and mobile transactions that if you sell a product or service online and do not provide the ability to browse and transact via mobile then you will most certainly be left behind in the next few years. But, it can often be difficult for companies to pursue this on their own – this is where technology providers such Button come into play.

What is Button?

Button, which launched in 2014, describes itself as “a mobile partnership platform, providing a scalable, simple solution to build partnerships that drive commerce through proprietary technology.”

Brands are encouraged to integrate with Button to drive the growth of their mobile customers and their brand reach via the platforms base of affiliates, in a cost-effective way. Affiliates are also encouraged to join Button to be able to benefit from partnerships with well-known brands who use the platform, earning commission for their influence.

Key features

  • Only one integration required to access the full benefits of the platform
  • Commission-based model
  • Brands can work with multiple affiliates
  • Button provides tracking and real-time performance data insights

How could Button work as an affiliate partner for you?

Button state that mobile commerce sales will exceed $700 billion in 2019. Therefore, this is a lucrative market for companies to be abreast of. With Buttons platform of brands and affiliates already in place on a commission model, it’s an exciting opportunity for brands.


In June this year, mobile marketing research firm App Annie released findings that one-third of all global mobile app downloads in 2018 were for games, with over 2.7 million games released on Apple’s App Store and Google Play alone). Furthermore, Tech Crunch reported that around 10% of all time spent in mobile apps can be linked to mobile gaming.

Why is this relevant to affiliate marketing?

Tapjoy recently released findings of a survey they carried out which stated that over 41% of the mobile gamers they researched were more attentive to mobile ads versus traditional advertising methods. Companies such as Tapjoy have spotted the opportunity to leverage this large number of committed global gamers as the perfect audience for brand advertising and partnerships.

What is Tapjoy?

Tapjoy first came to life in 2007 connecting affiliates and brands with mobile audiences via apps and games for new customer acquisition and app monetisation. Tapjoy does this using rewarded video ads and offerwall technology.

Key features

  • Global and exclusive reach to high-quality mobile gaming audiences
  • Powerful customer segmentation abilities and behaviour insights
  • Pay only for users who reach engagement and monetisation milestones
  • Premium ad formats – offerwall, video interstitial, rewarded video and playable

How could Tapjoy work as an affiliate partner for you?

Tapjoy brings brands and publishers together, reaching over 620 million monthly active users driving more than 1.3 million conversions daily.

Wondering how cost-effective this type of partnership could be? Tapjoy have been ranked in 8th place this year (an increase of 7 places from 2018) in the 2019 Singular ROI Index. This index looks at the top-performing ad channels driving the highest quality ROI for mobile marketers on iOS and Android, and is the largest study of its kind in the mobile marketing industry.

Stay connected

We can see that mobile phones have become an integral part of most people’s lives. Not simply used for making a phone call anymore, mobiles can capture memories, keep you entertained, help you with day to day tasks – the list goes on. This trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon. By partnering with innovative affiliates in the mobile landscape you will be able to ‘stay connected’, making sure your affiliate programme is one step ahead of the rest in 2019.

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