Three affiliate marketing resolutions for 2020

Three affiliate marketing resolutions for 2020


A new year brings lots of opportunities to review, reset and better ourselves. Many of us set personal resolutions or goals for health, fitness and well-being. But what about our affiliate marketing programmes? What can you do to grow your programme in 2020 and take it to the next level? And how can you overcome challenges and make the most of exciting opportunities?

Here at Acceleration Partners we like to approach challenges with a positive mind-set – I personally approach situations with the mind-set of “I want to do it, I can do it, therefore, I will do it” – and therefore I’d like to offer a few of my learnings which can be applied to your 2020 planning. These aren’t resolutions that will be broken in a few weeks but practical tips that you can implement to create a better affiliate programme in 2020.


Listen, Foster relationships, Be pro-active.

Affiliate Marketing is all about relationships and providing great service is based on the relationships you create over time. Think about how you can foster stronger relationships with partners on your programme and garner greater lines of communication. Ideas include:

  • Hold speed dating events: These events are quick fire meetings between a brand and several partners. Give every partner 15-20 minutes to present last quarter’s results, to bring new suggestions for the coming months and to discuss relevant opportunities for your business. You can ensure partners are aligned to the brands goals by sharing quarterly and yearly goals ahead of the event.
  • Resources: Providing educational resources to affiliates about the network/platform your programme is on. Sometimes affiliates aren’t familiar with the affiliate network or affiliate technology platform your programme runs on. Provide them with links to educational resources along with quick tips for how to find the resources they need to be successful.
  • Content: Providing your partners with engaging, educational content on topics that they would find valuable, such as “Increase your revenue with these tips and tricks.”


Test, learn, implement.

Any good affiliate programme will have targets for growth and efficiency. New opportunities are an important part of programme growth and setting targets at the start of the year to test these is a great way to kickstart programme growth.

As well as implementing new opportunities each quarter, it’s also important to review past opportunities that could now be a relevant fit. Even if something was tested before, check if it makes sense to try testing it again and see if it brings different results. Be precise. Re-run tests that you have run in the past, this time with a different customer segment e.g. focus on male customers vs female customers or focus on a different age group. Chose any demographic that is relevant to your typical profile customers and split this group to run an A/B-Test.


Stay informed, network and keep updated with industry news!

Great ideas strike me whenever I am facing new situations, new people and while traveling. My hypothesis why this is the case, is because I find myself “outside the box”. It’s often when we take ourselves out of our daily routines that our best ideas come to us.

Industry events and newsletter subscriptions are fantastic to stay up to date with what is going on in the industry. They are also they perfect way to meet new potential partners, come up with campaign ideas and spot the latest trends.  Block time in your diary once a week to dedicate to reading industry newsletters, case studies and news articles.

These are three simple actions for 2020. Let me know if my resolutions were helpful and if you enjoyed seeing them come to life in 2020!

If you’d like to talk to a member of our team about creating a better affiliate programme in 2020, get in touch today.