‘The Future of Partner Marketing’ with Robert Glazer and Helen Southgate

“We’re not saying that traditional affiliate marketing is going away – that will continue to grow and there will be marginal gains, but what we’ll see over the next two years will be new types of partnerships, working on a performance basis.” – Helen Southgate, Managing Director, EMEA

The industry has been hearing much about the concept of Partner Marketing, and it is continuing to evolve, especially as it relates to performance-based partnerships.

In this Outperform Podcast episode Acceleration Partners CEO, Robert Glazer, and EMEA and APAC Manager Director, Helen Southgate, talks about what “Partner Marketing” has meant up until recently, what’s happening in the business that’s shifting the definition of Partner Marketing, and how the future of partnerships is likely to be structured and defined.

Tune in now to hear:

  • How the wants and needs of both brands and performance partners® are changing
  • What is Partner Marketing, and is it synonymous with Affiliate Marketing?
  • Helen and Bob’s definitions of Partner Marketing
  • Challenges that could arise to slow the evolution of performance-based Partner Marketing

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