Team CAKE: What Motivates Us?

Team CAKE: What Motivates Us?



This September the affiliate industry will be taking on one epic challenge; cycling from London to Paris in 24 hours.  With a month to go, I decided to chat to some of the CAKE cycle team to find out what motivated them to take part in the event and how they’ll be preparing  for the 180 mile cycle.

What inspired you to take part in the Affiliate London2Paris 24-hour cycle?

Benatun: It will be an incredible achievement to complete such a challenge! A chance to push my body to the limit. And, it’s all for a good cause. I’m all about that.

Oleg: It’s a great cause and I want to challenge myself.

Joe: Realistically, I was never going to run a marathon…


What motivates you to cycle?  And why is cycling important to you?

Benatun: Living in London it’s the best way to get around, to see the city and all its impressive architecture and as an added perk, it saves so much money!

Oleg: I find cycling a fun sport to take part in, so the fun element motivates me the most.

Joe: It’s cheaper (and often quicker) than public transport, and great for fitness.


What training will you be undertaking ahead of the 180-mile challenge?

Benatun: I now only cycle to and from work as well as hit the gym as much as I can. Me and the guys from the office will be doing two long rides twice a month until the event at the weekends also.

Oleg: Cycling, cycling and more cycling.

Joe: Trying to resist chocolate. I also need to purchase a proper bike and not borrow an Ofo bike…


What will you be doing to fundraise for the event charity, the British Heart Foundation?

Benatun: I will be guilt tripping everyone through my social media channels to throw all their monies at me.

Oleg: We will host a fundraiser in the CAKE office to encourage my colleagues to dig deep into their pockets.

Joe: Asking friends and family to donate and guilt-tripping them by telling them my health depends upon it.


What are you hoping to take-away from participating in the affiliate London2Paris ride?

Benatun: A body to die for and British hearts to be fixed.

Oleg: I think it is going to be great meeting other people within the industry but also if I come out alive, then I’ll be happy!

Joe: Better health and fitness, a sense of pride and accomplishment, and a body that can still walk…