Profile of a growth marketer: Hannah Marks, Treatwell

Profile of a growth marketer: Hannah Marks, Treatwell

Profile of a growth marketer is an ongoing series where we showcase performance marketing industry leaders from across the region. We sat down with Hannah Marks, Affiliate Marketing Manager at Treatwell who talked us through the changes she’s seen in affiliate marketing across her career and other insights she has witnessed as the channel has evolved.


How would you describe your role at Treatwell and how did you get started?

I have been at Treatwell for just over 18 months now. I originally joined to manage UK and Ireland affiliates, but quickly took over responsibility for all markets. My role involves managing our affiliate channels and working with publishers and Acceleration Partners to grow and optimise. I also spend a lot of time working on technical improvements such as automation, detailed reporting, and looking for exciting new partners.


Throughout your career, which significant marketing trends have you witnessed?

Since I started working in affiliate marketing back in 2012, people have always talked about mobile and app development and attribution. I’ve finally started to make some real progress with the former, but still waiting to be wowed on the latter!


From your experience, how has the affiliate marketing model added value to Treatwell?

The model works really well for Treatwell. As a marketplace working on commission ourselves, we need to really consider where we are allocating our budget. The affiliate channel allows us to control what type of customers and bookings we incentivise more generously on.


How have you used the affiliate channel to pivot strategies during uncertain times?

Salons were unfortunately quite seriously affected by the lockdown, with markets closed for up to three months. We made the decision to keep the programmes running throughout lockdown, to allow for the few customers who were booking far in advance, but traffic was very low. We used the time to focus on building a B2B programme with the guidance of Acceleration Partners to help drive salon onboarding.


What are the advantages of working with Acceleration Partners?

We chose Acceleration Partners because they understood our restrictions as a marketplace as opposed to an eCommerce retailer. Since we work across multiple markets, their local market knowledge and language helps us build partnerships I couldn’t build myself.


What’s one fun fact about yourself that the team at Acceleration Partners may not know about you?

There’s a picture of my eyebrows on the Treatwell Spotify.


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