Performance Marketer Spotlight, Henry Nixon, Le Col

Henry Nixon LeCol

Performance Marketer Spotlight is an ongoing series on the UK blog, where we feature performance marketing industry leaders across EMEA.

Founded by professional cyclist and rider for team GB, Yanto Barker, Le Col is a performance road-cycling brand, producing premium apparel and accessories to a dedicated, knowledgeable and energetic audience base. Taking real pride their purpose is simple but enduring: delivering the best possible technical products to help their customers achieve their potential on every ride. Le Col primarily focuses on a direct to customer e-commerce websites. To gain greater insight into their approach we sat down with Henry Nixon, Marketing Manager at Le Col.

Could you give us an overview of your role at Le Col and how you got started in it?

I’m Le Col’s Marketing Manager and I deliver our brand and performance marketing vision, managing a small team of talented marketeers as well as a handful of expert agencies. My background covers sports writing, social media content creation, and strategic content delivery. What really appealed to me about moving towards a more commercially focused and performance-driven role at Le Col was taking ownership of specific campaigns. Whether that be sales activation or product launches, my experience allows me to constantly evolve our marketing plans and deliver high quality, data-driven campaigns for the brand through a variety of specialist partnerships.

What do you see as some of the biggest challenges in affiliate marketing today?

I think the biggest challenge in affiliate marketing for a specialist brand like Le Col is finding the right partners and influencers both in terms of publishers and influencers that strike the right tone of voice, understanding our nuanced marketplace and the risks and benefits for available opportunities. Our customer base is extremely knowledgeable and informed when it comes to cycling, and we need to always reinforce our premium positioning and professional credibility throughout all of our activities. This means being trusting and selective with who we work with, knowing they also reflect our company values and communicate in an authentic way.

What do you think will be the biggest marketing trend of 2019?

I think the biggest marketing trend of 2019 will be the continuation and growth of Influencer Marketing. Building on the idea that essentially every customer is an influencer, I see companies starting to harness their customer base, building a stronger, more engaged, more loyal group of returning affiliates who’s incentive and rewards comes largely from knowing, understanding and feeling close to the brands they love.

How has your Affiliate Programme added value to Le Col?

Our Affiliate Programme has helped in loads of ways, increasing conversion, traffic and awareness of Le Col. We’ve found across the board the quality of traffic coming through from affiliates is higher than virtually all other drivers, and while we offer discount incentives, we’ve maintained our premium position, pairing our biggest and best sales periods with new and fresh affiliate opportunities as well as updated copy and creative with current partners, boosting the overall success of our biggest campaigns.

What are the key advantages of working with Acceleration Partners for your affiliate marketing activity?

Acceleration Partners have been key in establishing and growing our overall marketing activity. Through introducing reliable, consistent affiliates we have seen excellent results from an account team who are closely engaged with Le Col, understanding our values and objectives and making sure everything is focused towards reaching them.

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