Generation Z: Who are they and how can brands reach them?

Generation Z: Who are they and how can brands reach them?








Millennials have for a while, been the much talked about generation. But what about the next upcoming generation of consumers? Who are they and how can brands reach them?
Generation Z, often dubbed “GenZ” or “GenZen”, refers to anyone born between 1995 and 2010. With the majority of this generation still under the age of 18, this demographic cohort, following the much talked about Millennials, is predicted to make up 40% of the UK population by 2020. Gen Z is the first truly digital generation, most have never lived without internet, and digital devices have always been a part of their lives.
It’s time for brands to take this highly influential group seriously and adjust marketing strategies to suit their habits and preferences. Here are my top three tips to reach Generation Z.

It’s all about tech

Generation Z is the generation of technology. These individuals have grown up with technology and devices have always been accessible. The Guardian recently reported that on average, people in the UK aged 5-16 spend over 3 hours online each day; connectivity is an inherent part of their lives. It’s no surprise that “GenZ” are mobile—first. Of all digital devices available, they spend most of their time on their smart phones. To maximise your reach to this audience brands should work with affiliates that are targeting mobile users. This could be affiliates who work with innovative mobile technology solutions such as Button or affiliates who work with social media solutions such 21 Buttons, a fashion app that allows you to purchase Influencers’ looks.

Inspiration is key

Generation Z are digital natives. They use social media to express their own identity, and care about what they purchase and how it reflects their identity. They want to purchase from brands who share similarities to their lifestyle and/or outlook on life. For brands this means inspirational content is key. Any brand in the affiliate space, should ensure they are partnering with a range of affiliates that can reach this generation for your vertical or niche.  For example, brands in the travel sector may look to work with content affiliates who specialise in the travel sector such as as well as travel influencers who can grow their brand awareness to this audience by sharing inspirational content and imagery relating to their brand.
When it comes to engaging with this demographic, don’t forget social media! The teenagers of this generation are prioritising experiential purchases that they can share on social media and talk about with their followers; they have a huge presence on social media. Ensure, you have a strong social media strategy to engage and reach this audience. Your messaging should be tailored to each individual platform to ensure high engagement rates, be sure to follow key trends in your sector with popular hashtags for examples popular travel hashtags could include: #wanderlust, #adventure and #instapassport.

They value transparency

Generation Z highly value brand transparency. They look to brands that are honest and authentic. They want to interact with brands that have personality and that they can truly trust. This means brands need to ensure they stay true to their values. For brands working in the affiliate space authentic and well-matched partnerships with publishers are key for success with these consumers. Programme Mangers and Affiliate Development Teams can assist with suggesting relevant publishers for your brand and its business objectives. Ensure, any publisher promoting your brand is following your brand guidelines, has all the material (content, banners, imagery) they need to promote your brand and that they are relevant to your site and its target audience.
Generation Z are not a generation to be ignored! This generation of future consumers can bring a whole host of opportunities to any marketer, so be sure to take the time to understand these tech-savvy consumers and include them in your affiliate marketing strategy.
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