Cycling is here to stay: How brands are using the affiliate channel to drive incremental growth

Cycling is here to stay: How brands are using the affiliate channel to drive incremental growth

Person cycling in London

In recent years the rise in eco-consumerism has seen the popularity of cycling grow, not just as a hobby but a mode of daily transport. In 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic has seen the popularity of cycling further soar, as consumers chose to stay off public transport and commute on two wheels, as well as cycling to exercise safely.


During lockdown across the UK, Sport England reported that the use of bikes doubled, while the number of people riding at least once a week was increasing from 8% to 16% during the height of the lockdown. One thing for sure, cycling is here to stay. Cities such as London have even promised to increase “safe spaces” for cycling, as cycle traffic in the capital is predicted to increase 10-fold.


The closures of gyms and spin studios also saw indoor cycling soar in popularity. The tremendous growth in indoor cycling technology has seen virtual reality cycling continue to rise in popularity. Technologies such as Zwift allow indoor cyclists to cycle in virtual worlds, ride alongside friends and also optimise and improve their training.  Responding to indoor cycling popularity brands have quickly adapted. Strava updated its app to allow users to get more points for indoor cycling. While training platforms like TrainerRoad rolled out new group work out products, and Le Col partnered with cycling tech company Wahoo to make full cycling kits for use indoors.


Electric scooters are also taking the first steps at launching in the UK market to ease pressure on public transport.


With the type of consumer taking to the saddle expanding and consumer priorities continually shifting, brands are looking for ways target this ever-growing consumer group as well as maintain brand loyalty. The affiliate channel allows brands to reach new consumers as well as maintain existing customer loyalty, all on a pay-on-performance basis.  Knowing where to start can be a daunting task, and this is where Acceleration Partners team of affiliate marketing specialists can help. We create tailored affiliate marketing campaigns that drive real results for our clients.


One of our clients Le Col – a premium British cycling apparel brand- has seen significant growth in incremental sales through their affiliate programme. Working with Acceleration Partners, they launched a targeted partner recruitment and activation campaign to accelerate sales driven through the affiliate channel and reach a broader range of consumers through programme partner diversity. As a result, Le Col saw a 205% increase in sales driven via the affiliate channel (March 2020 Vs March 2019) and the affiliate channel is now one the brands strongest performing marketing channels. You can find out more in our case study with Le Col.


If you’d like grow sales and brand reach through the affiliate channel, get in touch today.