Creating valuable partnerships

Creating valuable partnerships

The foundation of the affiliate marketing industry is relationships. A good affiliate programme will see strong relationships between the advertiser and its affiliates. After all, they are far more likely to promote a brand they enjoy working with. The following is a fail-safe formula to building strong relationships.


Attend industry networking events to connect with new affiliates and network with existing affiliates on your programme. Host your own events where your affiliates can learn about your brand, goals and the benefits of working with you

Provide resources

Think about what promotional materials you can provide affiliates to help them promote your brand. This could include, banners, promotional messaging, content on the brand, seasonal offers and current incentives.

Tailor your programme communications to ensure they are relevant to each affiliate type. Build customised creative and promotions which will play to their strengths. Communicating why your brand is relevant to their audience and needs will show you’re willing to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.


Affiliates are experts at marketing to their audience, so be open to input as well as creative ideas. Directly ask affiliates what they’re looking for and what performs well with their audience so they see you place just as much emphasis and importance on results as you do in communication.

Regular communication

Once you’ve established a solid working relationship, maintain your partnerships through clear, regular communication.

Consider the best ways to connect with affiliates. Don’t just rely on emails to foster a relationship. There are many creative ways to engage with affiliates including inviting affiliates to an affiliate day where you can showcase your vision and goals for the year, face to face meetings, and picking up the phone. Showing you prioritise connecting with your affiliates is an incredibly effective way of cultivating solid relationships.

Understand your affiliates

Appeal to affiliates by showing that you understand their needs and how your brand is a perfect fit with their audience. Ask questions like, What has been their previous experience with affiliate marketing? Do they know much about the industry? What are their goals, and what resources do they need?

In an increasingly connected world the user journey is complex and fragmented, so it’s essential to engage and communicate with your affiliates along the way. Understand how your customers interact with all of your marketing channels, including the affiliate channel and ensure you can attribute value and budget accordingly to best reach and convert consumers.

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