The best webinars to learn about affiliate marketing

The best webinars to learn about affiliate marketing

There’s no lack of resources online when it comes to affiliate marketing, but webinars can offer plenty of focused and condensed information all in a matter of minutes, delivered by industry leaders. We’ve selected some of the best webinars to get you familiar with affiliate marketing, global affiliate programmes, how to introduce affiliate marketing to your company, and more.

Championing Partner Marketing, Impact and Acceleration Partners

If you’re reading this article, then you know that partner marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing models. In this webinar Todd Crawford, Co-Founder and VP of Strategic Initiatives, Impact, and Robert Glazer, Founder and CEO, Acceleration Partners, dive into the conversations you should be having to get approval from your boss and leadership team for introducing an affiliate programme to your brand. Listen to the webinar here.

The Power of Affiliate Marketing for Your Online Business, Sendible

This webinar by Sendible, a social media management tool for agencies, goes through real-life examples of successful affiliate programmes and how a company can keep affiliates motivated to sell their product or service. It also discusses how to reach out to influencers and their power, especially on social media, and how to can utilise them within an affiliate programme. Topics include:

  • Types of affiliate promotions and examples
  • Recruiting and working with affiliates
  • Reaching out to established influencers
  • Keeping affiliates motivated

Revamp Your Peak Campaigns to Entice Global Consumers, PerformanceIN and Rakuten Marketing

Like we said above, affiliate marketing really allows you to expand your brand globally. This webinar draws on insights from Rakuten Marketing’s extensive global research into the shopping trends of consumers in Q4, plus their extensive network data, including:

  • Key tactics to maximise sales and revenue from your already planned Q4 activity
  • Global peak insights from extensive consumer research across APAC, Europe, the UK and US
  • Publisher insights and trends for Q4 success
  • How to deliver experiences people love – a look to the future of consumer-focused marketing

How Non-Traditional Partnerships are Changing the Face of Affiliate Marketing, Impact

Many brands associate affiliate marketing with the big players in the space, but a good affiliate programme can do so much more. Many brands today are leveraging the affiliate channel to its full potential to manage mid-size business development opportunities and consolidate referral programmes and PR initiatives.

Learn how the demand for metrics, new platforms and pricing models are driving the adoption of these strategies and show how brands are managing these new partnership opportunities in the affiliate channel. In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why marketers are using the affiliate channel to grow partnerships and measure performance.
  • How to successfully manage business development partnerships, influencers and bloggers through an affiliate program.
  • What approaches top brands are taking to manage non-traditional partners through the affiliate channel.

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