Employee Spotlight: Michele Lim

Acceleration Partners' Michele Lim.

How long have you been with Acceleration Partners and what is your current role?

I have been with Acceleration Partners for one and a half years. I am an Associate Account Manager on the Global Accounts team. I am currently based in Singapore, but I am originally from Malaysia.


What is a piece of advice you would give to a first time Affiliate Marketing Associate?

My advice is to take the time to familiarise with the market that you’re managing, know who the key partners are and start thinking about creative ways to work with them.

At the end of the day, the goal is to make sure that this partnership would be able to add value to your client’s affiliate programme.


What has changed about Acceleration Partners since you first started?

When I first started, we didn’t have an established process for employees to provide feedback upwards. Now, Acceleration Partners ensures that feedback goes two-ways so that employees have a safe space to provide feedback directly to managers and the leadership team. I believe this is important because there’s always something that we can learn from each other, no matter your role. Taking the time to provide constructive feedback also shows that we care for our peers’ growth.


What is something that is unique about the affiliate marketing industry in APAC?

Each country in APAC is at a different stage in the affiliate marketing industry. APAC is a diverse region filled with many different cultures, beliefs, values and religions. Strategies that have worked successfully in Singapore may not fit other markets, like China or Indonesia. It’s important to understand each country’s nuances and learn how to grow your affiliate programme through localisation.


What has surprised you the most about working in a remote environment?

I was really surprised at how easy it was to work together as a team remotely without seeing them face-to-face. Frequently connecting via Slack and Zoom has helped me to stay on top of everything, discuss challenges and still have the chance to bounce ideas off co-workers.


What is something about yourself that we wouldn’t know from looking at your resume?

I used to be a private tutor to primary and secondary school kids as a side hustle while I was working a full-time job back in Malaysia. I find myself enjoying coaching/teaching others and sharing my knowledge. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment to be able to provide them with strategies that would help them be successful in a certain subject or help them navigate problems that they face in their studies.


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